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At CENTURY 21 Lullo, every agent is thoroughly trained and dedicated to providing high quality service to purchasers and sellers. Our agents live within our market area and are ready to devote their attention to your particular real estate needs.

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CENTURY 21 Lullo

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16 W Lake Street
Addison, IL 60101

Phone: (630) 543-5640
Fax: (630) 543-7274
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Kelly Wolf
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Kelly Wolf
Phone: (630) 336-0836
Christina Andreacchi
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Christina Andreacchi
Phone: (630) 854-8659
Andrew Romano
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Andrew Romano
Phone: (630) 543-5640
Mobile Phone: (312) 731-2531
Tina Yarbrough
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Tina Yarbrough
Phone: (630) 220-6796
Michael Lullo
 Email MichaelLullo Contact Me   
Michael Lullo
Phone: (630) 543-5640
Greg Fret
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Greg Fret
Phone: (630) 461-2200
Ralph Savaglio
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Ralph Savaglio
Phone: (630) 212-6815
Robert Rizza
 Email RobertRizza Contact Me   
Robert Rizza
Phone: (847) 682-3510
Jon Devermann
 Email JonDevermann Contact Me   
Jon Devermann
Phone: (630) 767-9170
Anthony Monaco
 Email AnthonyMonaco Contact Me   
Anthony Monaco
Phone: (630) 543-5640
Tim Novak
 Email TimNovak Contact Me   
Tim Novak
Phone: (331) 703-6496
Sharon Scianna
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Sharon Scianna
Phone: (630) 514-0743
Bridgette Dunn
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Bridgette Dunn
Phone: (630) 543-5640
Mobile Phone: (312) 813-6552
Vickie Irwin
 Email VickieIrwin Contact Me  Text VickieIrwin
Vickie Irwin
Phone: (630) 546-2531
Mobile Phone: (630) 546-2531
Nicholas Perez
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Nicholas Perez
Phone: (630) 258-7707
Michael Provinzino
 Email MichaelProvinzino Contact Me   
Michael Provinzino
Phone: (630) 728-6786
Frank Custable
 Email FrankCustable Contact Me   
Frank Custable
Phone: (630) 715-5085
Everett Jones
 Email EverettJones Contact Me   
Everett Jones
Phone: (630) 543-5640
Mobile Phone: (312) 659-6819
Timothy Norton
 Email TimothyNorton Contact Me   
Timothy Norton
Phone: (847) 313-8411
Joe Ariano
 Email JoeAriano Contact Me   
Joe Ariano
Phone: (773) 510-0102
Frances Lacognata
 Email FrancesLacognata Contact Me   
Frances Lacognata
Phone: (630) 543-5640
Laura Gulino
 Email LauraGulino Contact Me   
Laura Gulino
Phone: (630) 543-5640
Mobile Phone: (630) 987-0363
Ron Ruhl
 Email RonRuhl Contact Me   
Ron Ruhl
Phone: (630) 543-5640
Sal Hernandez
 Email SalHernandez Contact Me   
Sal Hernandez
Phone: (630) 564-1027
Marilyn Fann
 Email MarilynFann Contact Me   
Marilyn Fann
Phone: (630) 408-5101
Helen Johnson
 Email HelenJohnson Contact Me   
Helen Johnson
Phone: (630) 292-7541
Michele Frontier
 Email MicheleFrontier Contact Me   
Michele Frontier
Phone: (630) 935-0649
Rose Gibson
 Email RoseGibson Contact Me   
Rose Gibson
Phone: (708) 525-7302
Aviva Beal
 Email AvivaBeal Contact Me   
Aviva Beal
Phone: (630) 740-5165
Lucy Masso-Garcia
 Email LucyMasso-Garcia Contact Me   
Lucy Masso-Garcia
Phone: (630) 989-2925
Branka Poplonski
 Email BrankaPoplonski Contact Me   
Branka Poplonski
Phone: (630) 918-3439
Naz Petrakh
 Email NazPetrakh Contact Me   
Naz Petrakh
Phone: (773) 750-5248
Francesco Campobasso
 Email FrancescoCampobasso Contact Me   
Francesco Campobasso
Phone: (773) 425-6265
Ana Navarrete
 Email AnaNavarrete Contact Me   
Ana Navarrete
Phone: (708) 417-2184
Paul Madey
 Email PaulMadey Contact Me   
Paul Madey
Phone: (630) 222-0034
Fermin Perez
 Email FerminPerez Contact Me   
Fermin Perez
Phone: (630) 543-5640
Mobile Phone: (630) 258-7708
Matthew Corbin
 Email MatthewCorbin Contact Me   
Matthew Corbin
Phone: (630) 508-8000
Gary Howell
 Email GaryHowell Contact Me   
Gary Howell
Phone: (630) 263-9198
Karen Macchitelli
 Email KarenMacchitelli Contact Me   
Karen Macchitelli
Phone: (630) 935-6300
Gene Campbell
 Email GeneCampbell Contact Me   
Gene Campbell
Phone: (630) 347-8827
Renee Schoenherr
 Email ReneeSchoenherr Contact Me   
Renee Schoenherr
Phone: (630) 361-5260
Joy Kostantini
 Email JoyKostantini Contact Me   
Joy Kostantini
Phone: (630) 290-7814
James Gregorio
 Email JamesGregorio Contact Me   
James Gregorio
Phone: (630) 440-7286
Sanja Stevanovic
 Email SanjaStevanovic Contact Me   
Sanja Stevanovic
Phone: (630) 632-8865
Douglas Dahlen
 Email DouglasDahlen Contact Me   
Douglas Dahlen
Phone: (630) 543-5640
Mobile Phone: (630) 440-8258
Deanna Lullo
 Email DeannaLullo Contact Me   
Deanna Lullo
Phone: (630) 543-5640
Mobile Phone: (630) 688-8609
Stephen Loy
 Email StephenLoy Contact Me   
Stephen Loy
Phone: (630) 543-5640
Gregory Pinns
 Email GregoryPinns Contact Me   
Gregory Pinns
Phone: (630) 660-7700
Doris Owens
 Email DorisOwens Contact Me   
Doris Owens
Phone: (630) 543-5640
Santiago Torres
 Email SantiagoTorres Contact Me   
Santiago Torres
Phone: (708) 574-1128
Joan Sinnott
 Email JoanSinnott Contact Me   
Joan Sinnott
Phone: (630) 306-4129
Mobile Phone: (630) 306-4129
Michael Palermo
 Email MichaelPalermo Contact Me   
Michael Palermo
Phone: (630) 728-2457
Chrys Sotiriou
 Email ChrysSotiriou Contact Me   
Chrys Sotiriou
Phone: (773) 865-0724
Kathleen Abbate
 Email KathleenAbbate Contact Me   
Kathleen Abbate
Phone: (630) 673-1053
Barbara Jandura
 Email BarbaraJandura Contact Me   
Barbara Jandura
Phone: (630) 235-3830
Dorothy Loy
 Email DorothyLoy Contact Me   
Dorothy Loy
Phone: (630) 886-5928
Carol Hawkins
 Email CarolHawkins Contact Me   
Carol Hawkins
Phone: (630) 542-9108